Hiking in Government Canyon State Park

Here's some pics taken during our hike in San Antonio's Government Canyon State Park. You can click on a pic to get a large version which you can feast your eyes on or download to a file.

A reminder of the dreadful wildfires from last summer On the top of the cliff, overlooking the dinosaur tracks A jolly picture of the three of us On the trail
Relaxing among the cactus Don't break my heart again Prickly pear prickles I pick up a hitch-hiker
And now - the dinosaur tracks! It surprised me that so little official fuss was made of them - no velvet rope, no "Do not touch" sign, no armed guards to gun down vandals or collectors. But perhaps that's how things are done in Texas. Fellow hikers pointed out the best examples, namely the ones in the river above. I even wondered if they were actually the work of a secret creationist society who sneak out at night, armed with hammers and chisels; perhaps at some point they are going to reveal how easy it was to flummox these fools for Darwin. But I found references to them on the web (the tracks, not the furtive chiselers) in the most matter-of-fact terms. Dinosaurs definitely did roam around in Texas (and indeed some think they still do today.) There are a lot of sites where you can see their traces still, like this park.
Toni compares Louise's size 6 to a dinosaur's size 27 Spanish moss Caves - perhaps home to dinosaurs even today? Toni at trail's end

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