Road trip to Greece, 1963

In the summer of 1963, after my first year at Oriel, I went on a road trip around Europe with three friends - Chris Tucker and Graham Ransom, both from Oriel, and Alan Stanton. Here are my pictures from the trip. The photos started off as slides, which I scanned into my computer. Unfortunately, when I did this I was not wise in the ways of image files and I overcompressed them, which you can see if you look carefully. If you click on a picture, you can see the bigger image, but the imperfections are more obvious. But enjoy them anyhow.

Peter beside the mighty Dormobile Notre Dame Roadside stop
Chalet Over the Alps Over the Alps
Over the Alps Como Como
Verona Venice causeway Venice causeway
Venice Venice Venice
Kukujevski Breakfast Kumanova
Skopje after the earthquake
Skopje Mount Olympus Friendly cyclist
Leonidas Parthenon Parthenon
Parthenon Parthenon Corinth canal
Ruins Me in the ruins Ferry at Igoumenista
Corfu Corfu Corfu
Vesuvius Vesuvius Vesuvius
Me lurking in the steam Colosseum Statue in Rome
Rome Rome Rome
Adventures in camping Pisa The leaning tower

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