The Monkeynut acquires kittens

After Volt's death last year, Tillie has been more affectionate, even to non-family members. However, she seems lonely without feline companionship, so we decided to get her some company in the form of a couple of kittens. They are Siberian, long-haired and ridiculously cute. Here are some of our pics so far.

First, we drove down to San Antonio to see a litter born on May 7. The breeder was still looking for a home for several of them and our hearts reliably melted like butter.

Feeding time for the litter Big Daddy The head of the family
Escaping the madness Pick two, any two So cute

They were still too young to come with us, but we picked out a couple and plunked down a deposit. Then, after a few more weeks, we drove down to San Antonio once more. We had brunch with Fran and John at the botanical garden, which was very pleasant. After that, we went to a PetSmart to meet the breeder. The kittens had gotten even cuter in the interim and we bundled them into a carrier and headed for home.

On their way to their new home Boris licking his lips Can't believe I ate the whole thing
Boris at home Boris snoozing Augusta on the alert
Gusty with Toni Ditto Relaxing at home
Hiding on the window ledge Boris being cute Ditto
Boris with Toni Boris with Toni OMG! That tickles!
Boris winking slyly Some many wires, so little time Relaxing in the litter box
Boris pursues the laser dot The kittens study the laser Small package
Boris on the couch Boris on my desk Gusty looking inscrutable

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