We acquire two new kittens, Huck and Idgie

Here are pictures of the new additions to the family. They are litter mates - the light orange one is Huck and the calico is Idgie. Their entire family, consisting of a somewhat feral mother cat and four kittens, was fostered by a nearby family. They (the kittens, not the foster family) were spayed/neutered on Monday and we took possession on Tuesday. We are still working on introducing them to Boris and Gus.

Huck Huck and Idgie Huck and Idgie chowing down
Snoozing Louise with Huck and Idgie Huck and Idgie share Louise's chair
Peter overloaded Peter chats with Huck and Idgie Huck and Idgie
Huck with Peter Huck on Peter Huck
Huck and Boris face off Huck goes back to the food dish Huck
Idgie peeks out Idgie on Louise's desk Idgie on the prowl
Idgie peeking Idgie Idgie
Cuddling Cuties Kittens with Boris

And finally, the piece de resistance! The kitten ballet!

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