Antonia and Peter go skydiving

Antonia finally gets to experience her 2014 Christmas present, with Peter along to provide parental supervision. We drove to a small airfield in Fentress, not far from Lulling. We signed all our release of liability forms, made our wills, notified next of kin, made our final confession and got kitted out in our flight gear. Then we jumped into the plane with about six other jumpers and off we went to 10,000 feet. Next my instructor attached me securely to his chest and we waddled out to the open door of the plane. I had one second of terror as I realized that we were starting to fall out of the plane and then the longest 30 seconds ever as we plummetted down, with the wind lashing us. I had thought that the freefall would be the most terrifying, but it was just exhillarating - I moved my hands around and felt the two of us rotate in response. I could hear the instructor giving me instructions, although I'm not sure he could hear any reply I gave. Then the parachute opened with a gentle jerk and we floated down at a more sedate rate and landed back at the airfield like a speck of thistledown. Antonia jumped right after me and had her own videographer to chronicle every moment of her descent.

We put on our flight suits and I wonder by I am doing this We walk out to the plane Climbing up to 10,000 feet
I am poised at the door, admiring the view The moment of commitment Down we go while my instructor makes rude hand signals to the people back in the plane
Antonia tastes the air in preparation for her jump The first step Thumbs up
Antonia shakes hands with her videographer Enjoying freefall The chute starts to deploy
Putting on the brakes Coming in to land Made it!
Big smiles

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