<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Our 2014 Christmas letter</TITLE> <META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="Lloyd-Davies", "Xmas", "Christmas"> <META NAME="description" CONTENT="Our 2014 Christmas letter"> <LINK REL=stylesheet HREF="Style.css" TYPE="text/css"> </HEAD> <BODY> <H1>Our 2014 Christmas letter</H1> <P><HR width="100%" Color=#f00000 height=2> <P>This year, Louise decided to boldly go into the realm of graphic novels to create our Christmas letter. (She was doubtlessly inspired by Madeleine's lofty position in comiXology, a purveyor of the graphic arts.) So here it is: <P><IMG SRC="Homepage_pics/Xmas_2014.jpg"> <P><A href="index.html"><IMG alt=HOME src="Homepage_pics/Soddy3.jpg" border=0></A> <A href="index.html">(Return Home) </A> <P><HR width="100%" Color=#f00000 height=2> <P ALIGN=center><B>Copyright &#169; 2014 by <A HREF="Author.htm"> Peter Lloyd-Davies</A>. All rights reserved. </B><A HREF="privacy.htm"> Privacy Statement</A>. </BODY> </HTML>