Christmas letter, 2015

This past summer Louise and Peter took a wonderful trip to D.C., Belgium and France, and had the privilege of seeing the famed Bayeux Tapestry, a contemporaneous depiction of the Norman Conquest of 1066. The tapestry is remarkable not only for being about 230 feet long and a thousand years old, but because it pictures EVERY MAJOR EVENT of our own year! See for yourselves.

Our travel to Europe went fairly smoothly but next time we may spring for business class. The carry-on situation has become ridiculous. Our daughter Antonia returned from a two-year Peace Corps gig in Cameroon and brought her African cat, Bruce, back with her. Bruce became the fourth feline member of the household and so we were officially inducted into the Royal Society of Crazy Cat People We feted Antonia with a selection of American delicacies such as Domino's pizza, cheesy bread and Cheez-it crackers that she had been longing for in Cameroon.
In spite of the pleas of her co-workers, Madeleine decided to strike out on her own and leave Comixology. She is now happily working as the Administrator for Barnard College's Political Science Department. We've all enjoyed following the presidential primaries. As for Peter, he continues going into battle every day against software bugs, competitors and even his own clients. And although occasionally interrupted by non-profit consulting work, Louise's gardening and composting duties continue to bear down on her.

We wish you all a spectacular 2016! Lots of love! Keep in touch!!!

Louise, Peter, Madeleine, and Antonia (and Boris, Bruce, Tillie and Gus).

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