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Views of the Monkeynut presents a vivid multimedia adventure unfolding the splendor of the Lloyd-Davies and Lynch atomic family, featuring, as the nucleus, Peter and Louise; as the electrons, Madeleine and Antonia. Discover the agonies and ecstacies of their latest travels, or study the history of their adventures from conception to the present through a vast archive of photographs, scientific facts, questionable rumor, text, graphics and videos.





New from the Monkeynut, May 2017. Thanks to the efforts of Madeleine, the four of us had tickets for Hamilton on Broadway. Louise and I turned this into a week-long trip to tourist around the City and see friends; Antonia was only able to make it for four days. The show was great, the weather in New York was hot so that we Texans did not feel out of place, and we were able to spend time with some of our good New York friends.

We also got to see Madeleine performing in an improv show. This is her latest passion and she is taking a series of classes in it. The show marked the end of one the classes and was hilarious.

More on our trip here.

New from the Monkeynut, March 2017. Gotta tell the world - or at least the infinitessimally small portion of the world that reads my posts on this site - about a book! Actually three books. I can't remember how I found out about Cixin Liu, but he was the first Chinese (as in living in China) science fiction author I heard of. He had written a large sci-fi novel which was translated into English and called "The Three-Body Problem". The title refers to the the principles of motion of three celestial bodies entangled by gravity, like the earth, the moon and the sun. Newton had hoped that a nice tidy set of equations could be derived to describe this motion but eventually it was determined that, with a few special exceptions, no such equations can be derived. Instead, the motion of three bodies tends to be chaotic. Systems with binary stars are reasonably predictable, but Cixin Liu imagines what a solar system would be like if it had three suns, moving chaotically around each other. Life on a planet in this system would suck big time, with occasional periods of nice life-supporting weather abruptly ending and being replaced by periods of intense heat or cold.

After I finished this book, I discovered that it was the first one in a trilogy. Louise obligingly bought me the whole set and I feasted on them almost nonstop. (Over 2,000 pages in the set.) Although I'd love to explain in absurd detail all the nuances of his writing and the breathtaking twists of his stories, I feel that it would be more disciplined of me just to say that these are some awesome books and you should read them. And just a wee foretaste of this - Cixin Liu has a persuasive answer to Fermi's paradox, along with all kinds of other mind benders.

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